Dog training comes in different formats with varying degrees of success.

Whatever the dog’s quirks, problems, age, or energy level, you can be assured that this is a dependable, reputable trainer with a virtually encyclopedic knowledge of dog training and the subtlety to take the approach that will work best with YOUR DOG.


Over the years, Mark’s reputation has led to numerous newspaper articles and radio / TV interviews featuring his expertise. But proper training involves more than just Mark and your dog…it involves YOU, as well. Teaching the owner is as important as training the dog; with Gibson’s Canine Classroom, you get the wisdom of years as a trainer coupled with recognition that you as the dog’s owner need, and a trainer who can patiently review your progress, clearly explain the do’s and dont’s, and help you to adjust your handling so that you can achieve success.

Even 8-week-old puppies can be evaluated for future training. While the best age to start most puppies is 3 to 5 months, Mark has successfully trained dogs over 10 years of age. But why wait for problems to accumulate? Call the expert TODAY!